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Chef Paola & Co. is a space where Italian cuisine and Italian design meet. Not only we are passionate about sharing our love of traditional Italian food, but we are also an artisanal design studio, specialised in creating timeless kitchen tools and decore for your home.

For the last six years, Chef Paola has worked with thousands of students from all around the globe, teaching them how to bring traditional Italian recipes to life from the comfort of their own kitchen. As the former Head Chef of one of the world's first online cooking platforms, Chef Paola has experienced first-hand the joy that virtual cooking experiences can bring, and is excited to continue sharing her skills with Chef Paola & Co.

Through collaboration with some of our favorite artisanal designers from across Italy, we are also able to bring to life our vision of offering elevated and authentic kitchen wear, tools, and decoration for your home. We invite you to browse our current collections in the store, which are 100% designed and made in Italy.



Chef Paola Martinenghi was a phenomenal teacher, but she also made us laugh.

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Steve and Ann

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