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A Sunday with Paola

A Sunday with Paola is a unique cooking experience in which Chef Paola will teach you how to prepare a classic recipe that takes several hours to make. The class will be divided into two sessions; one at the beginning and one at the end of the day.

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What's on the menu?

  • Learn to make the perfect Focaccia over the course of one day

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    149 US dollars

There are some traditional Italian recipes that require the ingredients to rest, prove and develop over a few hours. That is why we have introduced this two-part class which will explore some of those recipes in a relaxed and laid-back manner as if you really were learning to cook from your nonna. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee with Chef Paola as she demonstrates and walks you through the first steps of your recipe. The ingredients will then be given some hours to rest and the class will continue in the evening session, perhaps alongside a glass of prosecco.

Session no. 1: Sunday morning at10:30am EDT

....6 hours later

Session no. 2: Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm EDT

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